Pieter Smit

Pieter Smit (PS) is a transport company specialized in transporting, building and technically realizing theater, pop & rock, entertainment and sports events throughout Europe.

PS engaged us to provide practical tools that would facilitate a transition of leadership from founder Pieter Smit to the next generation. Our recommendations addressed a number of ways to prepare the company’s structure and processes for this transition.

Tong Ren Tang

Tong Ren Tang (TRT) is one of China’s oldest companies. Founded in 1669, they are specialized in producing and marketing Traditional Chinese Medicine. Among its customers is the imperial palace, designating TRT as China’s royal pharmacy for a period of 188 years.

In more recent years TRT has internationalized, offering their vast cache of herbal medicine to hundreds of millions of consumers all over the world. Our assignment was to redesign forecasting and inventory management processes to incorporate a cross-border E-commerce strategy.

Spinach King

Spinach King (SK) is one of the most successful startups in the Khayelitsha township of Cape Town, South Africa. Company founder Lufefe Nomjana started the company to encourage healthy consumption in the townships by selling affordable, innovative spinach products.

SK engaged us to get a better grip on their plans to expand to multiple locations throughout South Africa, for which we provided a detailed roadmap.

Department of Coffee

Department of Coffee (DoC) is a promising cooperation of three young entrepreneurs in the township of Khayelitsha in Cape Town. These young entrepreneurs have the ambition to provide the people of Khayelitsha with a fair, quality cup of coffee.

We assisted DoC by analysing their cash flow and refining their earnings model, to facilitate sustainable growth and continuity in their business model.