We don’t charge, but we most certainly deliver. These are our Three Monkeys guarantees:

  1. No-nonsense
    We don’t beat around the bush. We are problem solvers at heart, meaning we prefer solving actual problems with genuine solutions rather than using your and our time to only tell you what you want to hear.

  2. No holdouts
    We don’t hold information back as an attempt to land a follow-up engagement, as we offer pro bono consulting only. You can expect us to tell you everything we think is relevant to solving your problem, in detail, without exceptions.

  3. No shortcuts
    We put in the time. For each case we invest between 80 and 100 hours total, conservatively worth around €10.000. This way, we can guarantee that our recommendations are real solutions to your problem, are thorough in their construction, and immediately actionable.

Step-by-step process

While the content of each case is different, the process we follow is largely the same. Here are the steps you can expect if we decide to take on your case:

1. Intake form

The first thing we do is an intake. We ask you to fill in a list of questions relating to the issue you’d like us to address. The more information you can provide, the better we can help you.

2. Intake conversation

After we receive the intake form, we plan a meeting. In this meeting we review the information you provided and define the scope of the issue you’d like us to address.

3. Case work

With the scope clearly defined, we start working on the case. Usually, this takes the form of desk research, interviews, or a combination of the two.

4. Presentation

In a final meeting, we present our recommendations to you and discuss any points that might need clarification. After the meeting, we send you the full report.